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Thank you thank you thank you!!!! That was the most unbelievable feeling to break 4 hours and run such a strong marathon – I never felt my energy (neither mental nor physical) wane. I have been trying for 6-7 years to get close to 4 hours and I can’t believe I finally finished under 4 (and beat my first marathon time of 4:06 18 years ago!!!!!) The running program you wrote was so amazing. I hope I can use your coaching for my next race – whether half or full! Your running clinics and messages with the blogs were so informative and positive and inspiring I just kept working harder and harder. I can’t wait to see what I can do next!! I truly can’t thank you enough! 

Marla - Andover, MA


 I was just getting back into distance running after about five years away when I had reached out to Ruben about his online coaching program and honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep up. I however have exceeded some of the goals and have surprised myself along the way. I love having my workouts available to me each day, Ruben is responsive with answers to any questions I may have – he checks in and makes sure runs are going okay and I am feeling well. The workouts that are given to me change each week, and are challenging I enjoy seeing the progress that I am making with each and every workout. I highly recommend Lowell Running to anyone that asks me about my running or a coach for any goals that they may want to work towards. Each workout is individualized and Ruben stays patient when unexpected injuries may occur during training. Ruben switched my entire workout schedule around to make sure that I could still train when I was unable to run for a short time whether it was in the pool, ARC/Elliptical, or Bike. I couldn’t be more happy with the option that I have chosen for coaching and getting me to my current running fitness and can’t wait to see how much further I continue to go. 

Maggie - Chelmsford, MA

 I like the clinics and how they give you detailed tips you can’t find easily online. To have an elite like Ruben to get advice from and to have other people to train with really inspired me to enjoy running and marathons much more. 

David - Chelmsford, MA


 It took me years of competitive running to decide to finally give the marathon a try. Wanting to get to the start line healthy and fit, I knew I needed enlist the help of a coach. Fortunately, I was able to connect with Lowell Running’s Coach Ruben Sança. I expressed to Ruben that I had worked with coaches in the past whose training plans were more of a “ready made” platform, and I felt I needed coaching that consisted of more feedback and adjustment in order to undertake the marathon. Monitoring and adjusting of workouts as the plan progressed is exactly what I got working with Ruben. There was continuous communication with my coach regarding the workouts, which were altered based on my fatigue level and performance ,both perceived and actual output. This got me to the start line physically healthy and mentally ready to race knowing I was fully prepared. I was able to meet all my goals, even the ones that seemed like a “reach” in my debut marathon. I have Coach Ruben and Lowell Running to thank for helping me achieve those goals! Would recommend Lowell Running to anyone (except maybe women in my same age group I’m competing against)

Heather - Andover, MA

I loved the app’s integration into my Google Calendar, it made it easy to keep track of my training. I don’t think I would have been as well prepared (except for the weather, but you can’t control nature) without Ruben and this training plan. This was my first marathon, so I decided to get a coach and have a training plan. The app had some bugs, but nothing that was moderately inconveniencing. The workouts were well explained and Ruben was always a couple of clicks away if need be. I completed about 80% of the prescribed training, and I felt incredibly well prepared. If the weather had been better, I’m sure I would have run faster, but I finished and that was my goal.

Rachel - Lowell, MA


After running 2:23 in the half marathon twice in the past year, she wanted to improve to 2:15 and also run her first full marathon in under 5:30. Tara did our 16-Week “Beginner” plan and crushed her half marathon PR by running 2:08 at Smuttynose. Three weeks later, Tara ran 4:40 at the Baystate Marathon – essentially running her old half marathon PR twice in the same race!

Tara - Bedford, MA

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