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Are there any Intake Forms to Fill Out?

Yes, there is a Background and Goals Form as well as a Health, Fitness and Exercise Liability Waiver to fill out. Please fill these out on our Forms page. 

What is Final Surge and how do I get set up?

Final Surge is a running application that we use as a platform for our online coaching. Once you sign up for online coaching, we will send you details on how to register your Final Surge account. There is no additional registration fee for this service. For more information, please watch the video below or visit

Are there any calculators for pace, distance, conversions or predict performance?

There are several performance indicators that coaches can use to predict performance. However, they are not always accurate because of multiple variables involved in running. For a best predictor of performance, we recommend that you contact your coach to look at all variables  (terrain, temperature, wind, training cycle, etc) and provide details based on your personal running experience and background.

What are some of your favorite running books?


  • Faster Road Racing: 5k to Half Marathon

  • Advanced Marathoning

  • Once a Runner

  • The Youth and Teen Running Encyclopedia: A Complete Guide for Middle and Long Distance Runners Age 6 to 18

  • Running with the Buffaloes

  • Run Strong

  • Born to Run


  • Importing your Garmin data just got easier. Introducing our new Garmin Connect Sync feature! Link your Garmin Connect account with your Final Surge account, automatically syncing any workouts that get uploaded to Garmin Connect.

How it Works

  • Linking your Garmin Connect Account with your Final Surge account is very easy. Simply log into your Final Surge account, click on the Garmin/Device upload link from the main Workouts navigation, and then click the new Link Garmin Connect Account button. You will then click “Authorize Sync” to be redirected to the Garmin Connect site. Type in your username and password on their site to complete the link between accounts.

  • Once the accounts are linked, any file that is uploaded to Garmin Connect will also automatically be transferred to your Final Surge account. If you have a Garmin device which uses Bluetooth such as the Forerunner 620, then workouts will be transferred wirelessly to both your Garmin Connect and Final Surge accounts.

STEP 1Click on the Garmin/Device Upload link

  • In the main navigation at the top of your training log under Workouts, click on “Garmin/Device Upload” to be taken to our Garmin Import page.


Click the Link Garmin Connect Account button

  • Once on the Garmin Import page, click the blue Link Garmin Connect Account button.

STEP 3:Click the Authorize Sync Button

  • Clicking the Authorize Sync button will redirect you to a page on the Garmin Connect website. This page will prompt you to type in your username and password to approve the sync with Final Surge. Additionally, you will see a checkbox on this page to import your last 30 days of workouts from Garmin Connect. If you check this box, Garmin Connect will also send your previous 30 days of workouts to your Final Surge account. Only check this box if you have not already logged your last 30 days of workouts in Final Surge. Otherwise, duplicate workouts will show up on your calendar when Garmin sends the previous 30 days of data.

STEP 4: Enter your Garmin Connect Username and Password

  • To finish the syncing process, you must enter your Garmin Connect username and password to allow them to send the data to your Final Surge account. Once you have entered your credentials on this page, you will be redirected back to Final Surge. That’s it!

  • The next time you upload a workout to Garmin Connect, that workout will automatically be sent over to your Final Surge account as well.

  • If you have any trouble syncing your accounts or have any additional questions about this feature, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


  • If you have chosen to import your last 30-days of workouts from Garmin Connect, this will not happen until you have uploaded your first workout to Garmin (after you have synced your Final Surge account with Garmin Connect). Once you upload that initial workout, Garmin will then queue up your history at that time and send that history over to Final Surge within 24-78 hours.

  • Note: Final Surge is also compatible with Apple watches. If you have an Apple wath, please follow these directions.

Do you have any at-home non-running exercises?

Yes, we do! E-mail coach Ruben for a full list of supplemental exercises that you can do at home.

I would like to run the Boston Marathon, what do I need to do?

There are two ways to qualify for Boston:

  • Raise money through a non-profit charity.

  • Qualify by running a marathon race within the standard time qualification for your age and gender (usually done 6+ months in advance)


Final Surge now allows you to sync your workout calendar with popular third party sites and applications such as iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Calendar and more!

Turning this feature on and getting started is easy.

Step 1 – First, click on your “Settings” link inside your training log right next to your profile image.

Step 2 – Once you are on the Profile and Settings page, you will see a new box on the bottom left-hand side of the screen called “Calendar Sync”. Click the “Edit Sync” button on this new box. Then, simply check the radio button labeled “Turn On” and then save your changes.

Step 3 – Once you have turned on the Calendar Sync, you will be given a Sync URL for your training log calendar. Use that URL to sync with any third party site or application that accepts web calendar links. Once you have synced your Final Surge calendar with another application such as iCal or Outlook, your upcoming Final Surge workouts will now display on those calendars as well!

Step 4 – Once you have the URL, go to  Google Settings to Add a Calendar

Step 5 – On Top Right corner, under More Tools, click on “Add by URL“

Step 6 – Paste the URL, click “Add Calendar“

All set!

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